Typing Jobs

There are many jobs available in the workforce that require some degree of typing skills. You can easily learn to type online or by taking a short typing course at one of the community colleges around the country.

Jobs that include typing as part of the list of duties are no longer restricted to just a typist and receptionist. Today we need to be able to type in a wide range of jobs. Typing employment has traditionally been a woman's domain but time has seen many changes and many men are now employed in typing positions.

While it is still unlikely for you to meet a male receptionist at the doctors surgery, you will find many men now filling data entry positions. Typing and keyboard skills are required for all customer service call centre employees who have to be able to punch a customers personal details into a computer when dealing with the inquiry.

To improve your typing sufficiently to be able to apply for a job that involves typing at a speed of 45 words per minute. Some jobs require a minimum typing speed of 35 wpm which you should be able to attain in a relative short space of time.

There are several ways to improve your typing speed. You can either go through one of the many online free tutorials, sign up for an online course that will provide you with a certificate upon completion, sign up at the local community college or TAFE institute or buy/rent learning to type software.

The free software is similar to what you will find online and you have the advantage of working through it at your own pace. As you do with any of the free online tutorials you will find courtesy of our web directory. You can buy learn to type software online or at one of the many electronic computer stores around the country.

You can also hire a tutor or hire one for your child if you think they or you need help with your typing skills. A typing tutor can schedule a program for you to suit your needs and to suit your ability. Advantages of a typing tutor include that they are on hand to help with any questions. They can ensure you are placing your hands in the correct position on the keyboard instead of being lazy. I know it sounds a bit pedantic but it certainly makes a difference to learn to type the right way from the beginning.

A tutor can also ascertain if you need to redo a section of the tutorial. When you are typing on your own you tend to say I've covered that with learning to type being very mundane in practicing and practicing hitting the same keys over and over.

Having improved your typing speed sufficiently, you can apply for a wide range of typing employment related jobs that require the minimum amount of typing ability. If you want to aim higher you can certainly continue with typing classes and courses to get your typing speed up to and beyond the 90 wpm.

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